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FODMAP Subscriptions

We believe that everyone's journey to better digestive health is unique, which is why we offer different choices to cater to your specific needs. Whether you're looking for pantry condiments, soups, snacks, desserts, our subscription service has something for everyone.

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Gluten-free Subscriptions

Our gluten-free subscription box offers a world of benefits for those seeking a healthier and more inclusive lifestyle. By subscribing, you'll receive a selection of delicious gluten-free products delivered right to your door every month.

It's a convenient way to explore a diverse range of gluten-free options while ensuring you have a steady supply of safe and enjoyable food choices, making it a worthwhile investment in your well-being!

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Featured Brands

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I was diagnosed with severe, colonic inertia, IBS- C (as well as other disorders) years ago. I was forced to make a very difficult decision & chose to have a total colectomy. Hindsight is 20/20. Had I known what I know now, I MAY not have made that choice. But I felt that it was the right choice at the time. 

After having my entire colon removed, I felt better but started having the opposite problem - now I was told that I had IBS-D. 

One of my doctors told me that I MUST follow a FODMAP diet and figure out what my triggers were, or she would not see me anymore; so I did after much reading/research, I found that fructans (onions, garlic) are my nemesis, yet, I consumed them willingly, daily. 

Fast forward, I do everything I can to ensure I don't have garlic and onions and use seasonings like SmokeNSanity, GourmendFoods, FreeFOD, FODY foods & more! 

Thus, FodtasticFoods & FODBOX were launched - to help you find flavorful, low/no FODMAP foods!

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Learn more about FODMAPs from Monash University to learn how FODMAPs can trigger gut symptoms in people with IBS.

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