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Choose a subscription box based on what you are looking for. 

Snacks, condiments, soups and more. We supply each box with new products each month!

We'll send you a free sample of our Korean BBQ Sauce when you order today


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Featured brands

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Smoke n' Sanity

Bringing Flavor Back to the Low FODMAP Life!


Fodmapped for You!

All of our low FODMAP products are prepared just like you would at home. So rich, home cooked flavours and goodness are retained, but we’ve saved you the time that can be better spent with friends and loved ones – free from symptoms.


Miracle Noodle

Delicious & Guilt-Free Pasta & Rice Alternatives


Enjoy Life 

Eat freely!


The Good Chocolate

Bean to Bar - the first chocolate bar in the world to be lab tested & certified LOW FODMAP



We bake delicious gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sugar and certified low FODMAP bars that take a whole lotta BS out of IBS.

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It is our pursuit of superior flavour and taste that drives us. We carry that "taste-making" approach into selecting our spices and creating our Signature Blends & Rubs.

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FreeFOD is here to give those with Intolerance and IBS the freedom to eat the foods they love. Our products are the worlds first powdered onion and garlic substitutes and are certified low FODMAP.

Finding the right meals for my entire family was tough. Excited that there's a place to find ingredients, recipes, and actual food products!

- Elizabeth, IBS-D patient

My doctors didn't share the value in FODMAP by sharing a sheet of paper with me and saying choose foods on this list after my surgery. It took years for me to realize that FODMAP friendly would help me heal & could taste great, too!

 - Ellen, Total Colectomy Survivor

Eating FODMAP shouldn't mean cardboard and water for meals. I was looking for flavorful options and found FODFOODS. I am excited to see a focus on foods that my gut can tolerate.

- Lauren, IBS-C patient


Learn more about FODMAPs from Monash University to learn how FODMAPs can trigger gut symptoms in people with IBS.

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