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The party survived the resulting explosion of magic and withdrew higher up the Heart of Thorns tree where they exchanged words of their bittersweet victory over the Jungle Dragon. During his conversation with the Commander, Braham expressed interest in taking the fight to the Elder Dragon Jormag next. Having avenged his mother by assisting in Mordremoth's fall, he believed that he had to take up Eir's mantle and fight alongside the Commander until all the Elder Dragons were dead. Braham saw their party as a good guild and looked forward to future adventures, parting with the Commander on good terms.

The Guild 3 V0.5.3 Crack

Afterward, Braham heard about an ancient jotun scroll similar to the one that the famous norn hero Asgeir Dragonrender had once held, and left to search for it. He intended to use the scroll to enchant Eir's longbow with fire powerful enough to counteract Jormag's ice and tracked it down to the Bitterfrost Frontier. Rox, Garm and the Pact Commander eventually caught up with Braham and learned that, despite seemingly having come to terms with losing Eir upon avenging her in the Maguuma campaign, he had not taken his mother's death very well and had become cold and bitter in the months he had spent alone in the Shiverpeaks. Braham made his changed views clear: he had come to believe that the Commander's careful approach during the Maguuma campaign had not only caused Eir's death but that the Commander had dishonored Eir's legacy by having formed a new guild called Dragon's Watch instead of continuing under Destiny's Edge.

Braham discovered the jotun scroll in the Wayward Cave, but his recklessness nearly got Rox killed when a trap was sprung, leading to Rox being frozen while an enraged ice beast was released. Despite these setbacks, Braham was successful in retrieving the scroll and enchanting Eir's bow with it, using the now improved longbow to fell the ice beast. After Rox was thawed, Braham appeared indifferent to her near death experience and instead continued accusing the Commander. Growing frustrated, he ordered Garm to follow him, left the Commander and Rox on poor terms, and headed to Hoelbrak where he managed to crack the Fang of the Serpent and fulfilled the norn prophecy.

Following his success with the tooth, Braham made plans to rally the norn who celebrated him and take the fight to Jormag. During this time, he formed his own guild and named it Destiny's Edge to honor Eir's memory. Rox followed Braham to Hoelbrak and managed to convince him to instead take a scouting party north to assess the situation first before mobilizing a larger force, while the Commander was busy dealing with threats elsewhere.[7]

Braham and his guild eventually tracked down and surrounded Jormag, only to witness the Elder Dragon suddenly roaring in anguish and returning to the ice much to their confusion. Braham suspected that the Commander had had something to do with this turn of events and wrote a letter to Taimi inquiring about the matter. The norn had put Braham under pressure to kill Jormag, and he felt he had to live up to Eir's legend and could no longer back down.[8] After Braham had failed to fulfill his promise of killing Jormag, some norn began calling him Braham Vowbreaker. Ashamed of his failure, Braham left the rest of his Destiny's Edge guild members behind in Bjora Marches and headed back to Hoelbrak with Garm and Rox to think on his next move, and Garm retired.

Wolf explained that the kodan, though they were knowledgeable of the true extent of Drakkar's power, ignored the voices of the Spirits of the Wild and needed guidance for the trials ahead. He also revealed that Braham, who had cracked Jormag's fang with Eir's bow, which he had enchanted with the magic of an ancient jotun scroll, had fulfilled some of the conditions of an old prophecy and was now destined to either slay Jormag or fall to the Elder Dragon.[10]

After returning to New York, Carol tells Melvin that she does not want him in her life anymore, but later regrets her statement and calls to apologize. The relationship between Melvin and Carol remains complicated, until Simon (whom Melvin has allowed to move in with him, as his apartment has been sublet) persuades Melvin to declare his love for her. Melvin goes to see Carol, who hesitantly agrees to try and establish a relationship with him. The film ends with Melvin and Carol walking together. As he opens the door at an early morning pastry shop for Carol, he realizes that he has stepped on a crack in the pavement, but does not seem to mind.

After getting a quest from the guild, Neptune and Nepgear head out to complete it which leads to Neptune learning that she has gone from level 99 to level 1 due to being lazy. After completing the quest, Neptune and Nepgear head to the other nations to see what the CPUs and Candidates are up to before returning to Planeptune.

Neptune and Nepgear wake up in an unfamiliar land, largely in ruins, with the skies and buildings cracked as if something damaged the space itself. Nepgear notes its similarity to Planeptune but Neptune assures her as CPU, there is no way the city could be Planeptune as she does not recognize the buildings.

Next the girls head over to Lowee. Neptune finds it too cold and Lowee and hoped that the rewriting of Gamindustri would make it warmer. They get to the guild. A Guild Woman asks the girls if they are acquainted with Blanc. They are and she says they will be back soon. When Blanc returns Neptune hugs her saying she needs her "Blancium". Rom and Ram then hug Neptune saying they need their "Neptunium".

Neptune notices that Zolgelicoff has not listened to her at all. Zolgelicoff Tetsu requests that she gather materials that are efficient conductors so ZOLGE Co. can create new hardware. If ZOLGE Co. has such materials, they can advance research on a revoluntionary console that consumes little power and has little heat radiation. Neptune cannot believe what this guy is saying. He is too suspicious and he probably wants to make a miracle system. Zolgelicoff says he will submit a quest to the guild specifically for Neptune. He asks her to accept it.

Project Nepupupu Ch. 2Neptune returns to ZOLGE Co. and greets the president. Zolgelicoff Tetsu is happy that she is here. He reports that he has recieved the materials that she has obtained from the guild. Zolgelicoff would be taking them to the laboratory for research but something unfortunate has occurred. Neptune wonders if more bad rumors have appeared on the web about him.

Zolgelicoff Tetsu tells her that there are microchips on their employees that check on their physical condition. If they are weakened, they will be warped to the medical facilities. Neptune is free to go all out on them. If they are returned the medical facilities, they can be relieved on their stressed and healed up. Neptune is glad about how convenient this is. Zolgelicoff Tetsu tells her he will submit a quest in the guild. He asks her to check it.

Neptune tries to understand but does not. She first wants to know what an Arthur is. Cheekama reports that Neptune is confused. Arthur apologizes as her explanation was lacking. Million Arthur says that the two of them have come from the island nation of Britain. Arthurs are those who are candidates for the Kingship of Britain. Cheekama adds that all the candidates are called by the same name, "Arthur". Million Arthur adds that there are Sword Arthurs or Tech Arthurs depending on their guild. Cheekama finishes with the fact that 1000000 Arthurs exist.

What's Britain Like?Million Arthur notices that Planeptune has advanced technology. Neptune adds that Planeptune's technology is 1st in Gamindustri but she wants to know what Britain is like. Million Arthur describes it as a country overflowing with magical power but lacks technology. It is currently in civil war in addition to being attacked by invaders. Neptune thinks Britain is in serious trouble. Million Arthur adds that not only are the guilds warring with each other, there is also backlash about the Excalibur system and its use to weigh the king's caliber.

Million Arthur does add that there are some who are not chosen by the Excalibur and became rebels. They are called "the Eleven Rulers". Their strength is separate from their ability to draw the sword but they are strong. Various Arthurs in different guilds also battle each other for political power. Neptune wonders why allies would fight each other and likens it to share wars.

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