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Bob Moses - Love Brand New ##BEST##

Described by the artists as "a love tale for the digital age", the album is presented over six continuously mixed tracks.[35] With typical tour schedules disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the duo told Forbes that they intend to perform livestream sets and began to collect content for another album.[31]

Bob Moses - Love Brand New


Jimmy Vallance: One of us will come up with some kind of melody- even if it is just humming and recording that on a phone. Then we take it to the studio to flesh out the beat and figure out the chorus. Lyrics are what we do last. Usually Tom will spit out a few lines like, Love brand new. What does love brand new mean? And we come up with a story about it. We will decide what is cool and what works. Our life experiences wind up pouring into the lyrics. There is no ego or tension when we write. Being able to share and be honest and let ideas flow.

Jimmy Vallance: It was very cathartic for me to write about the process. It was a very hard thing to go through. I had a great childhood and I love both of my parents to death. It is unfortunate what happened, but life happens, and I am really fortunate to be in my position and have the head that they helped form on my shoulders.Music has definitely been a life raft.

Tom Howie: We lost our joint friend, George. He was a crazy dude. He was a big support to us in the beginning. He was the driving force behind this Burning Man camp called Robot Heart. He really loved our music and embraced us and gave us a lot of opportunities. He brought us out to Burning Man. Not only did he help our career in that way, but he also became a really close friend.

Vallance: Our main goal has always been the same: try and write the best songs we can so we can connect with as many as we can people on a deeper level through our music. We hope people love this album wherever they are listening to it. 041b061a72

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