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Mobile Network Optimization: A Guide For 2G And 3G Network Optim

when a security setting is set to open, only the subscriber's device can connect to the network. in a closed or partially open network, only devices that have been authorized for network access can connect to the network.

Mobile Network Optimization: A Guide For 2G And 3G Network Optim


the imei number is also used in the sim card. it is assigned to the sim by the mobile network operator (mno) and is unique to that sim. when you purchase a sim, you are given the imei number of the sim.

in 2g and 3g networks, the mno managed the network and assigned capacity to different users. when capacity was not available on the network, the mno offered it to different subscribers, one at a time. in 4g networks, the subscriber is no longer assigned capacity. instead, the mno makes the decision about how to assign the subscriber's share of resources based on the subscriber's activity, taking into account the subscriber's service and data usage.

in 2g and 3g networks, the mno also managed the network, including the switching nodes. the mno managed the network to ensure that it was efficient and that it was available to the subscribers. in 4g networks, network access is shared among subscribers. the mno manages the network by using the connectivity and mobility management (c&m) plane. the c&m plane is used to manage the network access, including the capacity, quality, security and availability of the network.

the ric may also consider information from other ran entities such as user equipment and network infrastructure to optimise the networks. the ric may also receive configuration and other control messages from the user equipment (ue) to make decisions about the overall network performance. the ue may also report events to the ric. the ric communicates with the ue via the ran or other interface. the ran or ue may also use the ric to communicate with the infrastructure using other interfaces such as the x2 interface.

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