Having difficulty figuring out which FODMAPs are your triggers?

Updated: Mar 26

If you suffer from IBS & other gastric symptoms, you've come the right place for low FODMAP food products. Our founders have suffered from gastroenterological issues for years - so much so that I, Ellen, had a total colectomy - which changed my life. After the surgery, I battled chronic diarrhea horribly and a gastro told me to check out FODMAPs and figure out what was making me so sick.

It was very frustrating to follow the elimination process and find out that some of my favorite foods are no longer my friend (yes, I should have known this after getting sick every time I ate them, but I thought that was just going to be the way life was after the total colectomy.

I scoured the internet and came across Monash University; they are really the first organization that made an impact in this industry. They have a super-comprehensive website for FODMAPs & IBS - check it out! We use their app daily.

I came across this blog post by Check My Body Health. I decided to do both a blood and saliva test to see if what I discovered on my own through the elimination was true with the tests. Sure enough, I was correct.

Stay tuned as we have decided to incorporate our blog posts here and looking forward to sharing information/findings with you.

Ellen & Jacob Wong

Mother / son

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